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What is Diabetes and its Types and How can it be easily treated

What is Diabetes and its Types and How can it be easily treated:

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects all parts of the body. For the human body, the disease is likened to termites. It is a metabolic disease caused by dysfunction of certain organs of the body, high blood glucose levels, and the body’s cells are unable to use this glucose which causes the human body to Does not get energy. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are linked to diabetes.

Insulin is needed for glucose to be absorbed into human cells. In diabetes, the body’s system either loses its ability to produce insulin or the body’s cells lose the ability to absorb glucose from the blood. In most people, the diagnosis is made suddenly. If diabetes is not diagnosed in time. If not treated properly, it can result in damage to the body that will never heal. No cure has been found for diabetes worldwide, but timely diagnosis can prevent complications. Among the serious complications of the disease are blindness, renal failure, heart disease and amputation. Cut) etc. are included. The main goal of diabetes treatment is to achieve normal glucose levels and this can only be achieved through a balance between diet, exercise and medication.

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Types of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes

This (diabetes dependent insulin) is:

In this type, the body stops making insulin or makes less insulin than it needs. Most underweight or underweight people suffer from it. This type affects young people more but can be born suddenly at any age. Symptoms include abnormal thirst, hunger (excessive food cravings), excessive urination, weight loss and fatigue.

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 Type 2 diabetes

It is a gradual attack and usually affects middle-aged obese people. Most type 2 diabetes does not show symptoms and can be controlled without insulin. In this type of diabetes, the body either makes less insulin or the body cells do not react with this insulin, due to which the glucose in the blood is not absorbed in the body cells, more people suffer from this type of diabetes.

Gestational diabetes:

Gestational diabetes occurs for the first time during pregnancy and glucose levels usually return to normal after delivery.

Diabetes Diagnosis:

Diabetes is diagnosed by measuring glucose in the blood and urine. Fasting blood glucose level (empty stomach) 140 mg/dl or more and random level 200 mg/dl or more indicate the presence of diabetes.


In this case, the blood sugar level falls below 50 mg/dl. This condition occurs suddenly due to insulin, the overdose of the drug, the person feels restless and irritable, the skin is yellow, cold, moist and Breathing becomes normal or very fast.


The situation develops gradually. The person is drowsy, the skin is reddish, dry, hot, smells bad and has difficulty breathing.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

An easy and effective way to measure, monitor, and control blood glucose, which can be used to check blood sugar at home, at work, while traveling, or during exercise. It provides a better understanding of diabetes therapy. Monitoring glucose levels There are various tools available in the market.

 Nutritional Therapy:

Diabetes is an important part of diet physical activity control and a healthy lifestyle. Among other benefits, a healthy diet and staying active helps maintain blood glucose levels.

Here are some benefits of a proper diet and physical activity:

  • Blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol can be maintained.
  • Helps to keep or lose weight properly.
  • Problems caused by diabetes can be controlled.
  • More energy can be provided to the body.

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Healthy carbohydrates, a diet rich in fiber, fish and healthy fats are essential to meet calories.


About 50% of the daily energy of a diabetic should consist of carbohydrates. For those whose daily diet depends on 2000-2500 calories, these are 225-300 grams of carbohydrates. Seeds such as broccoli, carrots, green leafy vegetables, fruits such as apples, peaches, cherries, guavas, pears, as well as oatmeal, brown rice, millet, gram (red) and black beans are the best choice.


It is best to eat low-fat meat, skinless chicken, and fish (tuna, salmon) at least twice a week. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent heart disease. Also, be sure to use eggs (without yolk) at least three times a week.

 Healthy Fats

As well as protein and carbohydrates, fat is important. Unlike carbohydrates and some proteins, fats do not directly affect glucose levels. Using healthy fats helps lower cholesterol. Olive, mustard, canola and Pumpkins oil are the best choices. In addition, healthy fats are found in a variety of foods such as fish, skim milk and dairy products (cheese, yogurt, etc.), low-fat meats. And nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, etc.)

 Fiber-rich diet

Fiber helps to keep glucose levels in the body normal. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole green foods, pulses are rich in the fire.


Diabetes cannot be controlled with empty medications, diet plays an important role in the management of diabetes.

  • Eat less than five to six meals a day at intervals.
  •  Use high fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, pulses, beans, lentils, oatmeal, high fiber cereals.
  •  Use fresh salads with food, including salad leaves, cucumbers, carrots.
  • Avoid high-fat foods such as butter, margarine, vegetables, coconut oil, bakery foods, because diabetes increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  •  Use chicken and fish substitutes for beef, avoid egg yolks, liver and other organ meats, as it causes an increase in cholesterol.
  • Use salt sparingly.
  •  Use less than 6 grams (one teaspoon) of salt.
  • Eat fewer sweets, use less sugar, and use sugar substitutes jaggery, sugar, honey.
  • Stop using Kendall and all kinds of artificial sugar.

Some simple lifestyle changes, along with diet, can be powerful tools. For example, daily exercise, gym or walk not only keeps the mood pleasant but is also very helpful in controlling blood sugar levels.

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