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Islamic University Madinah Fully-Funded Scholarship in Saudi Arabia

Islamic University Madinah Fully-Funded Scholarship in Saudi Arabia

Islamic University Madinah Fully-Funded Scholarship in Saudi Arabia is officially announced by the university for the intake admissions for Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in different departments in the fall of the year 2023. Candidates who want to complete Undergraduate Degree Programs and Master Programs with scholarships can apply through Online application. Almost all the desired Subjects and fields of Social Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Computer, Business, and Islamic Education, as well as management and Development subjects, are available. Also Read: King Abdulaziz University Fully Funded Scholarship 2023 in Saudi Arabia

Islamic University Madinah Fully-Funded Scholarship objective is to inculcate the Islamic spirit, to promote and deepen practical religiosity in the life of the individual and society, based solely on worshiping Allah and following the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Islamic University Madinah Fully-Funded Scholarship aims to educate whoever enters it from amongst the Muslim students of different countries and scholars skilled in Islamic and Arabic sciences and who are equipped with scientific knowledge to prepare them to invite people to Islam and whatever problems Muslims face in their religion and worldly affairs. The Qur’an, the Sunnah, and the deeds of the righteous ancestors. A Saudi educational institution with a universal message works with global standards and technologies and high-quality products in education, scientific research, Shariah studies, Arabic language, and other sciences and plays a role in spreading the eternal message of Islam. gives. From the city of Rasoolullah (SAW) to serve the local and global community.

Islamic University Madinah is a Top Ranked Public Research University established in 1961 and located in Madinah city of Saudi Arabia. Islamic University Madinah is a top-ranked and Ganesh book record university. The Islamic University of Madinah is a high international and national standard University that provides Quality Education to Muslim students all over the world. This University has an outstanding study environment and fully equipped labs.

Complete Details of Islamic University Madinah Fully-Funded Scholarship in Saudi Arabia:

  • Degree Programs: Undergraduate and Master
  • Scholarship Award: Fully Funded
  • Host University: Islamic University of Madinah
  • Scholarship Location Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Eligibility: Male / Female
  • Application Submission Deadline: 12. Nov .2022

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Scholarship Benefits Offered:

  • A free ticket after admission from the home country to Madinah and one round trip to home each year.
  • A monthly stipend.
  • For high scorer students, extra allowances are provided.
  • Free accommodation
  • Almost free food.
  • Quality healthcare.
  • Free daily transportation.
  • social, training, and sports facilities

List of Faculty of Islamic University Madinah:

  • Faculty of Shariah
  • Faculty of Da’wah and Usuluddeen
  • Faculty of Noble Qur’an and Islamic Studies
  • Faculty of Hadith and Islamic Studies
  • Faculty of Arabic Language
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Computer
  • Faculty of Science
  • Preparatory Year
  • Faculty of Regulations

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

The eligibility for Islamic University Madinah Fully-Funded Scholarship in Saudi Arabia, the candidate has the following requirements:

  • English language.
  • applicant must be a Muslim from all over the world countries.
  • high school education of 12 years or equivalent for a Bachelor.
  • bachelor’s degree (16-year) for a Master’s degree with a 3.75 / 5 Cgpa.
  • physical and medically good in health
  • 17 to 25 years age limit for Bachelor’s degrees and 35 for master’s.
  • Language Test for Master only for More Click Here

Documents Needed for Apply:

All the Documents mentioned below need to upload during the online application. Details are below lines:

  • A transcript of a Bachelor’s for a Master’s is required.
  • High School/GCSE/A-level Degree.
  • High School/GCSE/A-level Result Card.
  • Testimony of Conduct.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Passport.
  • CNIC Or B form.
  • A Color passport-sized (6×4) Photograph,
  • English Proof for master only
  • medical report letter for physical and medical health
  • letter of recommendation from an Islamic foundation or testifying by two Muslims.
  •  Accepting Islam Certificate (who are not Muslim by birth).

Application Deadline for Apply:

The closing date for Islamic University Madinah Fully-Funded Scholarship in Saudi Arabia for Bachelor and Master Degree programs is 12. Nov .2022.

Guide for Application Process for Islamic University Madinah Fully-Funded Scholarship in Saudi Arabia:

Visit the Islamic University Madinah website Select your faculty and follow the instructions for Master and bachelor and Click on the “Apply Now” Button.

Apply Here

Visit the Official Scholarship Site

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